Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lets Hope for a Change.

Hey Guys..i wrote this poem when i was in my 10th..!

Hope you like it..!



Welcome to INDIA..
a land of DEMOCRACY.
which sometimes turn out to be..

Here we are ruled over by a Goverment..
Like we are the wounds..
and they are our "oinment"!

"By the ppl and for the ppl"
are just phrases...
ministers of the country..
have many pending cases..!

we have been attacked like a ..
"thousand times..!"
Yet Criminals can escape..
with simple fines..!

Here we are living in a country..
where some people go to parties and pubs..
while others..
sleep beneath rugs..!

From Goverment offices to institutions...
where ever we might go..
Corruption is what everyone show..!

is this their level of Sincerity..?
will this lead to prosperity..?

why do we always have to compromise..?
why should we always pay the Price..?

But who cares abt the Common Man..?
Our lives dont seem Precious..
we are just preys..
for people filled with ferocious  !

But not everyone are the same..
Some Good Leaders still remain..!
to hear the voices of people..
who cry out in vain !

Lets all hope for a better tommorow..
Lets all hope for a better system..
Lets..Just HOPE ! :)

I Love INDIA !
with all due respect.

__Shrenik Jain__


Anonymous said...

very true boss...keep up the good work..!!

Shrenik Jain said...

I knw i suck @ english..!
But please bear through this..!

Samia said...


lopa said...

hats off man...dis z 1 ov ur bst comp..!
gr8 wrk
n yea..ur eng is bearable :p

nidhi said...

yaar seriously u r amazing
doin a gud job keep it up

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